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A Little History
     of our organization
           founded in 1898

     The Bridgehampton Village Improvement Society was organized on September 6, 1898, and then re-organized on November 2, 1914. Beginning in the summer of 1915, BVIS, under the presidency of Mr. James Trunslow Adams, distributed refuse baskets, planted flowers and trees, and placed street signs. Thanks to John E. Berwind, their most ambitious project was "an adequate and permanent bathing station".  Eventually, BVIS was incorporated in 1970.
     Since the early days, many other prominent citizens have been elected and served as president of the organization. Our late president emeritus James Riordan succeeded Hamilton Darby in 1985. Our current president is Margaret H. Griffin. The whole Board now meets regularly 4 times a year and sub-committees and volunteers survey trees, plant flowers, and handle the business as needed.

    Since then BVIS continues to "promote, preserve, and improve" the appearance of our Hamlet. As an organization, we work closely with the Town of Southampton, frequently initiating projects which we either turn over or manage for the town.

raised the
money to
buy and
soon to
the historic
home of artist
We helped so that the landmark and historic corner can reflect the glories of a bygone era.

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